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Tropical Leaves

Lab culture

Our lab will strive to be a diverse, equitable and safe place for scientists to embrace their creativity, pursue their interests and grow as individuals.

We welcome people of all backgrounds. 


Ben's mentoring philosophy:

As the Principal Investigator my aim is to develop mentees' specialized skills for high‑level plant science research, inside or outside the academy.


I strive to foster inclusive, equitable working relationships and remain mindful of power imbalances that can affect faculty‑student mentorship and co‑authorship.


It is crucial for me that mentees develop ownership over their projects and that intra‑lab collaborative boundaries are clear to all involved.


I find that well‑defined research borders, in and out of the lab, help to foster better teamwork and minimize unnecessary internal competition.


Ultimately, I also understand that different people work better under different mentoring styles. I believe effective mentoring includes not only providing constructive feedback on scholarship and socialization to the profession, but also guiding mentees through the “hidden curriculum” of academia and tailoring my mentoring style to the individual needs, professional and personal goals of each mentee.


It is my philosophy that mentoring is a two‑way street:

I learn from each and every student with whom I work.

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