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Open positions:

Our lab is growing! If you are interested in any of the following positions please use the contact form below to message us and tell us who you are and why you are interested in the position.

Scientist I / PostDoc

We are seeking a highly motivated and skilled postdoctoral researcher to join our team and continue research on our ongoing project, which focuses on the impact of domestication‑derived changes to the circadian clock on innate plant defenses, using tomato as a model species.

Grad students

If you are interested in plant-microbe and/or biotic interactions, are curious about plant development and want to learn about genomics, & bioinformatics come rotate in our lab - then stay longer!

Undergrad research

Our lab is open to undergraduates with biology, computer sci as well as engineering and other backgrounds. We can find and awesome projects to get you started with science.



Ben Mansfeld:

McDonnell Hall Room 221

Biology Department 

Washington University in St. Louis

Brookings Dr, CB 1137 

St. Louis, MO


314 - 935 - 9223

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